Who We Are

My name is Brock Hanly, and I'm a small business owner--just like you.  

My background is in administration, communication, and education, and I started INCORP to put these skills to work.

I know the hope--and anxiety--of launching a new enterprise.  My business is helping you to start your business, not by showing you "self-serve" screens and menus, but by providing real, personal service and support.  And it's my whole business, not a sideline to sell you other, more expensive services. 

Delegate this vital and technical part of beginning your business to us.  You can count on our expertise to make it quick and painless--and affordable.

Our team is experienced, motivated, and focused on your success.  We'd love to talk about your business--please email us or send us a note.






What We Do

INCORP is here to help you start your business.  We provide incorporation and Registration services, and we'll set you up for sales tax accounts and for available government services.  We make the technical paperwork fast and easy so that you can focus on your product or service and your clients!

We specialize in serving independent contractors and freelancers.

We've also partnered with service providers to cover the rest of your business start-up needs.

INCORP can get you incorporated or registered anywhere in Canada!

British Columbia,
Manitoba, Ontario,
New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island,
Quebec, and


Northwest Territories,
Nunavut, and